Why I Changed?

     As many of you might already know that I have changed business opportunities a few times. I wanted to let you know why.

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Don’t get me wrong having a home based business is wonderful. You just have to learn what you are doing first.  Find a company that will help you learn along the way, fit your budget and your time frame. Not just say welcome and good luck.  A few webinars aren’t going to do it.  People new to this business need a lot more than that.  They need a lot of loving care and hand holding. So make sure you find a sponsor that is welling to do that.

I started a few years ago with a company called DynaMAXX. Let me start by saying there wasn’t anything wrong with the products. I really liked them and my family and I used them daily. But back then I didn’t know much about sales, comp plans and internet marketing. DynaMAXX is what we call a MLM. Most of the time you spend trying to get people to join the business not selling the products. Not what I signed up for. Not that you can’t make some income selling the products but most of the income comes from getting people to join the business under you. DynaMAXX was not set up for marketing on the internet at that time. They were more like the old Avon, Mary  Kay, Amway. They were a more face to face sales business. So my daughter and I started out on a new adventure with not much knowledge.  We thought it would be a good idea to divided up the promotion part of the business.

I was going to do the internet based part and my daughter who gets out a lot more was going to do the face to face marketing.  It worked for awhile but because of the price point of the products and shipping cost for the customers the business wasn’t going anywhere fast.  Customers quit buying. Which meant trying to replace them all the time.

We then started to take a closer look at the comp plan. Wow, so much to learn. DynaMaxx had a comp plan that was binary. I don’t know how many of you know the difference in getting paid with the different type of comp plans. I have written several articles on them if you would like to learn.

After looking more closely at the comp plan we found out that it was very hard to make a living with a binary plan. We had two legs to work.. So that meant 4 legs for the two of us.. Not smart.

DynaMAXX became a thing of the past because we were spending more money then we were making.  People didn’t want to join a business where you had to have an auto ship and a monthly minimum to get paid. You see with a MLM you have to buy so much product every month to stay active and have so many active customers.

Part 2 ~ Next lesson to be learned,  coming soon.

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I am a retired nurse. Wife, mother of three and 2 wonderful grandchildren. “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”
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