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Fit At Any Age -Part 1

     In a World where looking fit and young is a way of life — it’s no surprise that more and more “baby boomers” are heading to the gym.  But boomer workouts have gone way beyond basic aerobics and running … Continue reading

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FaceBook Etiquette

What’s okay on Facebook? The rules of etiquette on Facebook seem to be a little more refined.  Keep these tips in mind, whether you’re making your first friend or your 1000th. 1.  Who should you friend? Some people adopt an … Continue reading

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Andre’s Corner ~ Pyramid

PYRAMID Pyramid Is a structure that all companies are based on.  Boss, then Directors, then Managers and then Staff. Where do you fit in? ILLEGAL Pyramid schemes don’t offer service or product and only people benefit are those above you. … Continue reading

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Andre’s Corner ~ PONZI SCHEME

PONZI SCHEME When your membership fee $10 goes straight to the person who referred you and you have to get people to join and you receive their full payment. There is no product or service benefit. This will work but … Continue reading

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We Are A Team

Dear Friends! Are you sick and tired of joining every new business opportunity that pops up, resulting in the loss of your hard earned money? If the answer is ‘YES’, then join me and my Friends in ‘We Are A … Continue reading

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How Leaders, Business Builders and Owners Use Social Media ~ Part 1

   Advertising For Leaders and Builders… A quick note to let you know why I am doing this. Are you feeling like I am, so tired of programs that make promises which cannot be fulfilled? Tired of the lies, manipulations, … Continue reading

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Where Do You Start?

  How many of you sitting at the computer now are sick of hearing about Internet Coaching, Mentoring, Boot Camps, Personal Training, Books, DVDs etc..? I am ready to scream. It seems like everyone is an expert on the subject. … Continue reading

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