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Why Use IBOToolbox?

Looking for some of the best business tools online. IBOToolBox is free, always free and you have it all in one place. If you need help setting up let me know. IBO now has over 200,000 on average visitors per … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Now in Use for Products and Services

    I know many of you are asking about Bitcoins. Why you should get into Bitcoins? Here is another reason why to join BitBillions.. Many companies are using Bitcoins to pay for their products.. Newest one is: TV Giant … Continue reading

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Ways To Find Customers for Your Business.

Are you having problems finding customers for your Off or On-line Business? What’s the hardest thing about starting a business? For many new business owners, the answer is finding clients or getting customers. This is particularly if your marketing budget … Continue reading

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Tax Benefits of Working from Home.

The key is understanding what’s deductible for your business. Opportunities abound for small businesses (home based business) to cut their tax bills.           Organization and good record keeping are the keys to lower tax preparation fees and painless IRS audits. (Remember … Continue reading

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Why Módere?

Módere We have some of the highest unemployment numbers in history. More people than ever are looking for work or a second way to earn money.   Losses on people’s retirement funds by 20% and more. Many have lost as … Continue reading

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Andre’s Corner ~ Pyramid

PYRAMID Pyramid Is a structure that all companies are based on.  Boss, then Directors, then Managers and then Staff. Where do you fit in? ILLEGAL Pyramid schemes don’t offer service or product and only people benefit are those above you. … Continue reading

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People Helping People

We have news that is going to help everyone in our team and beyond fill up the Penny Matrix, fulfill paid signup orders, and change forever the face of any business that we work with in the future!! The news … Continue reading

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Napoleon Hill ~ Part 2

Part 2 on Napoleon Hill’s Life In the next two years, Napoleon eked out a living in Washington as he fulfilled his obligation to FDR’s administration. Among his contributions is said to be one of the president’s most famous lines: … Continue reading

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What is Direct Selling?

What is Direct Selling? Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles. Direct … Continue reading

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Why I Changed? Part 2

I have been in Network Marketing now for about 4 years, but seriously for the last 3 years. My first company was great, but I was never taught the  residual income thing, I was running around like a chicken with … Continue reading

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