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We are all looking for a quick fit to weight loss.. right? Sorry to say that is a dream. There are no magic pills, powders, patches, injections, drops, packaged meals that will keep they weight off. The people who are offering do not usually use the product. They are just selling it to make money.

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New information about the product Skinny Fiber.. It is not a magic pill. Will not keep weight off for the long term. Only way to keep the weight off is the healthy way.  No quick fix.. it boils down to clean eating and moderate exercise. Join us @  to learn more.

Skinny Fiber*, sold by  Skinny Body Care, is a fiber supplement that expands in the stomach to  reduce hunger. According to the supplement description, the fiber  expands 50 times its normal size. In addition to reducing hunger, the  supplement will boost metabolism and suppress the formation of fat. This  sounds like a super supplement, but chances are the ingredient list  will not support these extraordinary claims.
*List of Ingredients*  These ingredients can be found in most drug store diet products.

Glucomannan, Caralluma Fimbriata and Cha de Bugre.

*Product Features*

*Skinny Fiber* is not a supplement with special ingredients  known only to the manufacturer. The three ingredients in the supplement  are commonly used in other weight loss supplements. Glucomannan is a  water-soluble fiber. It does absorb water and expand, but there needs to  be enough water in the stomach for the fiber to absorb for it to expand  50 times. There is a button for dieters to learn more about how to take  the supplement, but the button only leads to a “Coming Soon!” page.
Caralluma Fimbriata is a cactus extract that reduces appetite. Sounds  a lot like the Hoodia cactus, right? The supplement company claims  Caralluma Fimbriata will stop hunger and block the formation of fat, but  they don’t bother to back up these claims with clinical research. There  are clinical studies supporting the antiobesogenic effects of the  ingredient, but only on the rat population. Human studies are not  available.
The final ingredient is Cha de Bugre. Cha de Bugre is a Brazilian  plant that contains caffeine. The caffeine levels are lower than other  stimulant herbs, but the stimulating effects may be stronger than  standard caffeine. The ingredient also contains acids known to improve  healing.

The official website for *Skinny Fiber* leaves much to be  desired. There is very little proven information on any of the  ingredients and some of the pages are under construction. There are no  testimonials for the supplement and before and after pictures of dieters  losing weight on the supplement are nonexistent. They say there are before an after but do you know any of these people personally? Photo-shop does a great job.
*Skinny Fiber* is sold through the official website, but the  order page does not list a price. The consumer is told to enter shipping  information, but no credit card information. The terms and conditions  of the website list the price as $59.95.

The ingredients contained in Skinny Fiber have not undergone enough clinical evaluation to prove efficacy or safety. The FDA has not approved Glucomannan as a treatment for medical obesity and there are concerns about a potential health risk with regards the side effect of choking.

Caralluma is equally unproven and although it may be approved in the future, so far results are inconclusive. Cha de Bugre may have health benefits but the fact that export from Brazil is restricted it is unlikely that Skinny Fiber contains much of the stimulant effect. Although it may work in its home country when prepared fresh from the tree, it will probably do little here in supplement form.
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