Fit At Any Age ~ Part 2




Many people are feeling so left out in the world. That is why we have picked Beachbody for our family. After much research we (my family.. young and old)  all felt that it was the way to go. Most of my family has been struggling with being healthy all of our lives. I am sure you have felt that way at some point.

Let me ask you some questions.

1. Why did you come to this article?

2. How many diets have you tried?

3. Did you feel that the diets you tried taught you anything?

4. Are you sick of false promises?

5. Have you put the weight back on?

6. How many gym membership have you joined and just stopped going?

Let me answers these questions for my family an I.

1. Well.. I wrote this article.  lol

2. I believe between our whole family we have tried them all.. magic pills, injections, packaged meals, wraps, surgery… etc..

3. No, we didn’t learn anything..

4. Yes, we were sick of trying every new shiny diet and pill on the market.  Hated the packaged meals.

5. Yes, we all put it back on. With all the yo-yo dieting, we had just about given up.

6. OMG.. can’t tell you how much wasted money.. Between the whole family we could have bought a gym..

We even tried surgery… ouch.. It would have helped if we had learned anything before hand..

So let me let to my point.. Only you can decide, commit and succeed… and here is how..

I am sure you know that obesity is one of the fastest growing problems in the world today and we can’t blame it on fast food places. We need to put the blame where it belongs with us.


You know the saying “you are what you eat”… That saying is so true.. I am not saying that you can’t indulge at times.. We all have our weaknesses.. Right?  I can name at least a handful of my own.. I know if you told me I could never eat them again.. I would throw up my hands and say ok .. I will get stay fat.. right?

Beachbody is so different.. it doesn’t say you can never have.. ever have.. it shows you how to eat.. how to exercise all from the privacy of your own home.  No more gym membership unused.. no more packaged meal that you hate.. no more yo-yo diets.. This changes your way of thinking about food and nutrients. What and how much you are eating..

Exercise is also part of the learning curve. Beachbody lets you do it at home. On you own terms and comfort level.  There is no cookie cutter exercises for all.  Beachbody offers modified versions to each exercise..

Interested in learning more go to  let me know what you think. Would love to get your feedback..

More articles to come..




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