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                                          Next LevelX
Member to Member Pay

BUT Income That’s Different ….

This is a 3×6 Forced Matrix

Your First Product Purchase For $15 Is The Crowd-Funding Platform.

Strong Free Product Called “Please Advise”
Low-Upgrade Entry Price: $10 (plus $5 admin).
No Monthly Fees
100% Commissions
Get Paid Daily
You Choose How To Get Paid (including bitcoin)
Annual Renewal Income
Can Be Marketed Worldwide
Works With Online And Offline Businesses
3 x 6 COMPOUNDED Funding Matrix
Featuring Spill-up and Spill-over

CrowdFund Giving Information.

When “CrowdFund Giving” Becomes a fully functional platform, you’ll be able to add your project content and start your funding. On your project page, you’ll have your information about your project and how backers can pay you directly. No waiting for funds. No time constraints.

There’s Two Ways You’re Funded.

1.  People give money to your project (usually in exchange for a reward), such as being on your special list, an autographed picture, maybe pre-buying your product or service, tickets to your grand-opening and so on. You choose the reward based on how much they give to your project.
Nextlevelx receives NO commissions from your backers.

2.   Our “Compound Funding” process. When promoting your project through social media, your list, press releases and so on, people will be directed to your (nextlevelx) replicating website. There, they can click on your project page, or, checkout how they can have their own CrowdFund Giving platform.
If they get their own platform, you make money for your project. Huge money!

                                          — NO PROJECT REQUIRED —
You can make a fortune by helping other people meet their project needs. How is this done?
NO! you DO NOT have to do any fund-raising. All you do is simply refer other people to your NextlevelX replicating website. As people get their platform you can make a lot of money.

Join FREE ( TODAY ~ only) And Build List For Any Business Is : Please Advise

Re-Cap How It Works:
(Remember You Put Only $10(+ $5 Admin ) One-Time Per Year To Start All Level 2 To Level 6 Upgrades Are Through Your Earnings NOT FROM YOUR POCKET }

1. For $10 Per Year ( + $5 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 1 You Are Qualified For 3 Sales Earning You $30,

2. For $20 Per Year ( + $5 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 2 You Are Qualified For 9 Sales Earning You $180,

3. For $100 Per Year ( $25 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 3 You Are Qualified For 27 Sales Earning You $2700,
4.For $500 Per Year ( $100 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 4 You Are Qualified For 81 Sales Earning You $40500,

5. For $1000 Per Year ( $500 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 5 You Are Qualified For 243 Sales Earning You $243000 ,

6. For $7000 Per Year ( $2000 Admin Fee ) You Enter Level 6 You Are Qualified For 729 Sales Earning You $5103000,

You Are Not Paying From Your Pocket For All Level Upgrades YOU SPEND ONLY $10 Per Year   ( + $5 Admin Fee )!!

More information to follow..

How To Pay? Mainly Paypal…They Also Can Take Credit/Debit Cards, Payza And Bitcoins.

Secure FREE Account Today And Get Your $15 Ready For Scheduled Feb 28th 9PM EST Sharp  ~  Launch.

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