Napoleon Hill ~ Part 2

Part 2 on Napoleon Hill’s Life

In the next two years, Napoleon eked out a living in Washington as he fulfilled his obligation to FDR’s administration. Among his contributions is said to be one of the president’s most famous lines:

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

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As part of his research, Hill claimed to have interviewed many of the most successful people of the time in the United States. In the acknowledgments section of his 1928 multi-volume work The Law of Success,  Hill listed 45 of those studied by him during the previous twenty years, ” these men at close range, in person”, like the three to whom the book set was dedicated, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Edwin C. Barnes, an associate of Thomas Edison. Carnegie had given Hill a letter of introduction to Ford, who introduced Hill to Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer R. Gates, Thomas Edison, and Luther Burbank. According to the publishers, Ralston University Press (Meriden, Conn.), endorsements for the publishing of The Law of Success were sent by a number of them, including William H. Taft, Cyrus H. K. Curtis, Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank and John D. Rockefeller. Hill was also an adviser to two presidents of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

When his duties ended, Hill returned to the lecture circuit. In
early 1937, while in Atlanta, he met 29-year-old Rosa Lee Beeland.
They married a few months later and she labored with him on his
next manuscript, a work he tentatively called The Thirteen Steps
to Riches
. After months of editing and rewriting, he showed the
completed manuscript to his publisher, Andrew Pelton, who initially
balked, saying it too closely resembled Law of Success.

“Every failure
carries with it the
seed of an equivalent

At Hill’s new wife’s insistence, Pelton gave the manuscript a more thorough
reading. He finally agreed to publish it, with one condition—that
the title be changed to Use Your Noodle to Win More Boodle. How that
title came to be changed again is not known, but apparently wisdom
prevailed and the new book went to press as Think and Grow Rich!,
which became Hill’s greatest work.

Part 3  will be out soon. I hope you are enjoying reading this man’s history as much as I am.

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