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I have been working at home for four years, and blogging for most of them, and during this time I have learned a ton of valuable lessons and insight as a Internet Entrepreneur. I wish this was an option when my children where young.

Started with a personal website. You see, I enjoy sharing and ranting about my family, life and the government in general.  I then branched out into marketing online and home based businesses. Wow so many lesson learned.. I do hope to bring you some of that knowledge also.

I always enjoy it when others share their wisdom with me, so here are my 10 lessons that I have learned as a Internet Entrepreneur

1.  Don’t Be Obsessed with the Numbers. As a blogger and Internet Entrepreneur I was constantly checking and monitoring my numbers; how many Twitter followers do I have? How many Facebook Fans do I have? How many page views did I receive today?!? It can really drive you nuts and create a ton of self doubt, especially if your stats start to go down. Let it go, focus on creating quality content and cultivating relationships, when you do something that you love the rest will fall into place.

2.  Watch Who You’re Friends With. In the past I worked at establishment where the majority of the employees were unhappy and disgruntled, needless to say this negativity rubbed off on me. Hang around positive and inspiring people, the energy that they emit is infectious and when you hang around the right people you will find yourself feeling motivated and empowered. Can’t leave your current job? Find others that have started off part time and worked up to full time. Facebook has many group that are there to help you.  Try joining business groups in your community or online, women’s self renewal groups or attending a blogging conference, this will give you the boost and energy that you need to stay upbeat through the difficult and trying times.

3.  Keep Learning. I suggests trying to reading a new business book every month. When I first had my daughter I thought I was too busy to read a new book every month, but when I just found that you can find the time – you just need to make it. Cut out a little TV watching, read while you’re waiting for appointments.  I like to take my books in the car so that I can read while my husband is driving. Learning exercises your brain and helps get those creative juices flowing. You kindle it is so easy now.

4.  Enjoy the Simple Things in Life. Remember to cherish the simple things in life; a great way to do this is to keep a notebook and write down the small occurrences that make you smile. One of those times for me, was when I was talking to a women in Texas who I had never met before. When she asked me what I did, she said, “I know YellowRosesByDeb – I love that site”, it made me feel like a million dollars. It’s the little moments like this that enrich our lives and make us feel special, remember them by writing them down.

5.  Go Outdoors Everyday.  Working from home , there are days that I just feel trapped and isolated. When I start feeling this way I know it’s time to get outdoors. Whether it’s sipping some coffee on my deck or going for walk being out in the fresh air always makes me feel refreshed and renewed.

6.  Love. Do what you love and surround yourself with the people that you love. Life is way too short to spend 40 hours a week in job that you hate, or around people that make your skin crawl.  Learning this lesson was hard when you feel you found your place in the world of the internet or company and then get let down.

7.  Take Care of Yourself. Good health, you don’t appreciate it until it’s gone. I know this because things can turn on a dime,  if you don’t have your health the world turns upside down. Take care of your health, eat right, exercise, schedule regular check ups and be kind to your body. You only have one life, why not make the best you possibly can.

8.  Get Rid of the Guilt. Guilt is a terrible feeling and it is totally useless. I feel it because so many work outside the home, and they feel that working from home isn’t a job, you will never make a living that way.  Let it go. Live your life knowing that you’re doing what’s right for you and because of the choices you’ve made you’re the best possible person you can be!

9.  Vocalize Your Appreciation. Let the special people if your life know how much you appreciate them, it will make their day.

10. Everything in Moderation. Extremes in any direction are not a good thing, live your life in moderation.

Don’t feel because you started with one business or group that you have to stay. It will take time to find the right niche and people.  Oh and I almost forgot.. do your research and talk to people before joining anything.


What lessons have you learned as a work at home woman, blogger or Internet Entrepreneur? I look forward to your comments!

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I am a retired nurse. Wife, mother of three and 2 wonderful grandchildren. “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”
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