Just Think Of Internet Marketing. Part 1


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Just the thought of MLM being Broken is enough to make you think, if not become ill.

Well, maybe not yet – but I think it’s coming close, if we don’t do something about it!
I first got involved in network marketing more than 20 years ago, ( How many of you know that marketing started out with Avon, Amway, Tupperware and Mary Kaye?)and what caught my attention when I attended my first meeting (which I was tricked into going to), was the idea of duplication… the concept of getting other people to copy what you do to build an organization that could span the world!

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Years ago we did network marketing  by talking to family and friends; to colleagues and acquaintances – to people we met in day to day life. There was no internet, no email, no YouTube and no Facebook – we just talked to people and had house parties.  Remember Avon, I did that in college.. I can tell you that it didn’t go very well. First, people would order and then cancel which left me with the product and the bill. Then, my sister started with Amway.  She got stuck with so much product that she couldn’t or wouldn’t use. It was really hard back then. Of course my own personal contacts are much more local, confined to the college campus mainly – and my sister it was mostly family, friends and people from work.

So now we fast forward 20+ years and I asked you a question – “has the internet broken MLM?” I don’t think it has yet, but I do think it’s hurt it, and here’s why… we’ve stopped talking to people!

Oh it’s easier to contact people, now – I’ve got HUNDREDS maybe thousands of ‘friends’ on Facebook – who I’ve never met, never heard of, and if we’re being honest, don’t know if they are who they tell me they are – and you know you’re the same. Because these contacts aren’t real people, they’re just pixels on a screen.

But people who have come into network marketing in recent years seem to think that they can just join a few groups on Facebook, send out ads for this week’s MLM (and they change mlm’s that quickly), and expect people to join them.

Then we feel that we don’t have enough people and we branch out to Twitter, LinkedIn , Google +, social media and every group we can find. When that doesn’t work we decide it’s the company’s fault; maybe it’s the wrong product or it’s too expensive, or the pay plan doesn’t work – so they join another MLM that someone else has just told them about… I really do know people who are signed up to 1, 2, 3, 4 or even more different MLM’s – and they offer them to you one after another… if you don’t like that one, what about this? We become business hoppers.  One shiny new program after another.

They haven’t got a clue that the person they’re talking to thinks they just after their money… that they don’t really care about them!

Eventually, after a few months, and a few dozen mlm’s that don’t work (because they’ve done everything wrong) and hundreds of dollars, (pounds, euro’s or whatever) thrown down the drain – they quit – and NOW they tell everyone that they know, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that MLM doesn’t work.

But what would have happened if, instead of sitting in their spare bedroom hiding behind their computers, they’d spoken to all these same people, and said that they’ve just got involved with a great company with a product that they might benefit from and might even be able to make some extra money with it too?

The whole situation might be completely different – and do you know why?

Because they SPOKE to them.

Part 2 coming soon!




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I am a retired nurse. Wife, mother of three and 2 wonderful grandchildren. “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”
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