How Many Chemicals?

Did you know the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day? Of the 82,000 ingredients found in myriad beauty products, one in eight is an industrial chemical, of which our skin absorbs 60 percent of any topical product we use.

Every day, we are enticed and accosted by celebrities, beauty magazines or top cosmetics companies advertising or praising the many benefits of their products, playing up the so-called “natural components” like vitamins and minerals, yet what they fail to mention are the toxic ingredients that are known hormonal disruptor.

Therefore, if you could examine your skincare and makeup products on the molecular structure level, you’d likely find carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptor.

Heck, some cosmetic ingredients might be more at home in a mechanic’s shop (degreaser found in makeup are often used to remove grime from auto parts) or a construction site (plasticizers in makeup are also used to soften concrete) than in your makeup bag, let alone on your skin.

The most commonly used, unbeknownst to us toxic ingredients can alter hormonal chemistry in the following ways:

  • Increase circulation of certain hormones by mimicking their activity in the body
  • Reduce level of sex hormones in the body or block their activity
  • Impact fertility, leading to early menopause<
  • Influence things like mood, length and severity of the menstrual cycle in women

Of the known toxins, the following are most dangerous to woman and men alike, and known to be common hormone disruptor:

Annie Leonard talking about her toxic Pantene Pro V — which makes me wonder, what shampoos are safe?


Part 2 will give you a list of some of the chemicals you should be looking for.

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