Fit At Any Age -Part 1

Fit At Any Age funny     In a World where looking fit and young is a way of life — it’s no surprise that more and more “baby boomers” are heading to the gym.  But boomer workouts have gone way beyond basic aerobics and running on the treadmill.

     What would happen if you couldn’t get to the gym, couldn’t take the time or just didn’t feel comfortable there?

     I am one of those people who hate the gym. Also making the time is not at all easy. I have joined gyms many times. Only to stay motivated for a few months and then stop going. Then my year or how ever long you signed up for is over and you start thinking about it again. Right?

         Question –  Do join up again or do you just give up? I gave up until now. Where do I go what do I do.

     Nowadays it’s all about endurance sports and yoga mats programs. I just didn’t know where I would fit in.

     But are some people pushing themselves too far?

     Ever have a trainer pushed too hard that you felt you were breaking your back or in so much pain you don’t go back. I have also done that .. not the ruptured disc part but the hurt so bad you never want to go back.

     Often times, these injuries are a result of someone trying to do too much.

     People have stressful jobs and they try to make up for a sedentary lifestyle in one afternoon. They often try to jam too much into one session. Are you one of those boomers?

     I see this all the time… people who are boomers want to know why exercise is so important.  Basically fitness equals longevity. Studies have shown that exercise will reduce your chances of dying prematurely from cancer, heart disease and many other health problems.”

     Several studies have shown that exercise helps promote a healthier and longer life and found that people over age 60 with better cardio-respiratory fitness appear to live longer than unfit adults regardless of their levels of body fat.

     A well balanced fitness program is a must in todays world.  Here are some of the things that you will need to bring your fitness back to life.

1. Cardio

Basically anything that uses your full body to get your heart pumping.

— At least 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise a day

— If you don’t have time in your day for the full 30 minutes, try three 10 minute bouts of exercise throughout the day

2. Strength training

As we get older the muscles are getting smaller and losing the ability to contract. We can change this by strength training. The other thing we see is that mature adults have higher fat content. There is more diabetes due to lower muscle mass, so strength training is essential to regulate glucose metabolism.”

Work those muscles twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes by doing exercises such as:

— Pushups (if you’re a beginner, do them from a kneeling position)

— Using a resistance band which is light weight and inexpensive

— Bicep curls and tricep extensions

— Modified squats and lunges which works many muscles at once

3. Flexibility training

With reduced flexibility people tend to lose their ability to balance because there are changes in connective tissues in the body. Regular stretching can help, even as little as five to 10 minutes a day.

— To start the day, try some head circles and stretching in the shower

— At the end of day, stretch calf muscles and hamstrings

4. Balance training

Because we see in older adults a loss of balance, which results in more falls.

—  Beginning Yoga will help.

Along with core training below

5. Core training

We see so many people as they get older avoiding their abs, which results in a bad back, They’re not really supporting upper torso.”

— Try a few minutes of abdominal exercises

— Reverse curl while you’re lying in back and pull your knees into you

— Hold for five seconds and release

— Start with 10 reps a day and work your way higher

— Crunches are key — not full sit-ups — because some people can do more damage than good

— Keep back on the floor and don’t go all the way up

— Really concentrate so you can feel you’re abdominal wall contracting

— This will help support your back

     Sounds good doesn’t it? But where do I start?  Who will show me? Learning to do all the things above in the correct way is so very important.

     I have found what we have all been waiting for.  Or at least what is finally working for my family, ages ranging from 66 to 10, who sadly have always had a weight and fitness problem.  We found it.. One we can do on our terms, our fitness levels.

Hope this article gives you some idea of what is needed to start a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. John says:

    Excellent, thoughtful article. Well done!

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