Affiliate Marketing ~ Part 1

Affiliate Marketing is a way that businesses can promote and/or advertise their services and products through a mutually beneficial partnership with a Publisher and/or Marketer.

Affiliate Marketers make their money by promoting products and services on their website or blog. Say for instance you have a website on fashion trends, as an affiliate marketer you would place banner ads, blog posts, reviews, and/or send out newsletter promos for fashion related products and services free of charge. In return you will earn a commission on every product that is sold through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing can be a great way to add some extra revenue to your website or blog, but it can also be a very lucrative career alone. There are some marketing gurus out there that make well over six figures, just by promoting other people’s products.

Here are some basic Affiliate Marketing tips to get you started:

Choose topics and/or products that you know and love! If you are uncertain about promoting a certain product, ask the merchant for a free copy and/or sample to review. Remember these are your readers and you don’t want to lose them by promoting a lousy product – they trust you!
Make your site pleasing to the eye and have pertinent and valuable content that relates to your topic of choice.
Choose many products and/or merchants that are in the same niche. Stay away from products/services that you wouldn’t use yourself.
Continue to build traffic to your site. Use social networking sites to help promote your site. The larger the audience that you have the more potential sales that you can generate.
Work with your affiliate merchant getting tips, strategies and the latest affiliate marketing tools. They want you to be successful, if you’re successful, they are successful – remember this is a mutually beneficial partnership!

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